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Treasure-box Brands

September 7, 2015

I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a great article in Style magazine by Harriet Nelham Clark on the emergence of new brands offering beautifully designed and crafted everyday pieces.

The emphasis is on niche and individual brands as opposed to the mass produced garments flooding in from abroad.

Quality is paramount, highlighting ‘homegrown’labels delivering the expertise of British made fabrics and manufacturing. UK factories often don’t have the capability of mass production, but the flip side of that is that small brands are then able to find small runs of manufacturing for their designs which is both cost effective for the cash flow, but also allows direct and easy communication between the designer and production.

The finished garments are unique in that the quantities are often small , which according to Ruth Chapman, (one of the interviewees in the article) makes the pieces rare and the consumer to feel ‘individual’ when wearing them.

The downside of home production is that costs can be higher than a mass produced piece from the Far East. However the investment in such pieces overrides other considerations when those garments are manufactured with the piece of mind that the factories are managed in a responsible manner and fabrics are knitted using the best of innovation and creativity the UK has to offer.

The women these labels attract are confident in themselves and their personal style, happy to experiment but know their own unique evolving style boundaries.

When I founded MOV the desire was to create beautiful pieces, from gorgeous fabrics , which would stand the test of time. When you read an article such as I did yesterday, lounging in my Maxi Sweat (seen below) it was great to feel that we’re not alone in our thought process, or in how we’re making it happen and MOV are more than happy to carry the label of a ‘treasure-box brand’!

Maxi Sweat 4 Maxi sweat low

Why Orange is Working Just Like Clockwork !!

August 27, 2015

MOV at its conception chose colour schemes soothing to the mind and body to reflect our ethos of wearable beautiful clothes. So, our colours at their core are neutral in tones of grey, black and white echoing the simplistic beautiful designs which hold them. However…. we do like to have a bit of fun when letting our hair down and so for each collection decided we would work outside our ‘neutral’ box and have a bit of fun with colour and fabrics which aren’t part of our core collection So,on choosing which colour to introduce to our first collection the beautiful tones of orange in pumkin and cumin screamed to be included. We loved the connect of warmth, yet vibrancy, of this beautiful colour and introduced it to two of our new designs. It seems we aren’t the only ones to wake up and notice the workability of these Orange tones as seen in this recent Guardian article discussing it’s many merits too! long sleeve top orange low Our long sleeve top, above, is perfect for lounging around infront of a warm fire in the winter, or throwing on over a bikini by the beach as it gets towards sundowner time. The burnt orange encourages comfort and warmth and the gorgeous fabric feels so good to snuggle in. slip dress low In contrast our Sienna Slip, above, is made up in a beautiful crepe backed satin and reflects the vibrancy we envisaged feeling when wearing this fabulous dress! And what better colour to offset our core neutral colours as the Sienna slip will look amazing when teamed with our gorgeous greys !! Our long sleeve top will be available soon to purchase on monksonvacation.com. However, being the true perfectionists we are proud to be at MOV, our Sienna slip is a ‘work in progress’ but will be available online in January for SS16.

All Wrapped up in Oversized Comfort Couture ….

August 20, 2015

photo 1 So this exert appeared on my twitter page this week from a colleague who has followed the MOV story from its concept and how fantastic that others are now seeing what we conceived when venturing down this path. We wanted to create beautiful wearable clothes which were both flattering yet comfortable to wear and could interchange their function as our busy lifestyles require! Maxi sweat low So our Maxi Sweat ( seen here in grey melange) has been a huge hit (we’re bringing this out in other colours due to popular demand !).This is due not only to the beautiful soft jersey it’s made up in, but because it looks fabulous on and great to wear, whether dashing to do the food shop (via a dog walk and school drop off), to snuggle up in on a cold British beach with a Sundowner or by a cosy open fire watching a good movie with a large glass of red ! Our ribbed pants too are comfy and practical but have a flattering kick flare and the fabric is of such amazing quality you don’t get any sags or bags however much you wear them. rushy pants low The Rushy pants above are perfect for any busy day with an oversized waistband which not only covers everything but also acts as an extra ‘layer’ with that skinny vest or oversized top as seen with our stunning L/S White Top. long sleeve top low .rib pants low Our Walberswick pants are created from a soft stretchy grey rib with oversized waistband and cut beautifully to flatter the body. These will be available in Jan 2016 (in other colours) and we are taking early orders on these already! So, there’s absolutely no excuse not to enter the autumnal climate wrapped up in gorgeous oversized flattering garments available now online at monksonvacation.com.