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A Twist on the Stripe

June 15, 2015

Gorgeous George was everywhere this weekend with the lovely Duchess of Cornwall by his side. Equally the press pack and photo opportunity followed her and so what she wore was the most important of decision. As the little Prince played around on the grass she looked very comfortable dressed in well cut jeans and the inoffensive blue striped nautical top. Looking at the photographs and recognising the impact of her wardrobe decision I realised that Stripes have been everywhere for it seems forever! From the sophisticated chic of Audrey Hepburn on the French Riviera to the modern day vest dress with pumps, striped vest with blazer or pin stripe silk trousers with heels, the stripes aren’t going anywhere! Here at MOV we aren’t immune to the power of the stripe and the ease in which it can be worn. However we wanted to do things a little differently. We wanted to pay homage to the stripe but see it worn in maybe not such a traditional way. Therefore we sourced our amazing charcoal and ecru pinstripe fabric, beautifully manufactured in the UK, as seen with our gorgeous Brittany crop top and the equally wearable Martinique racer back. Although definitely a stripe the charcoal line wavers delicately across the fabric blending the history of the Breton with the modernity of the best in British design. We feel we have done more than a bit of a twist on that stripe ! charcoal stripe t-shirt

Welcome to MOV

May 27, 2015

Welcome to our website and to the blog! We’re very excited to launch our new capsule collection to you via the website. We had loads of fun shooting on site at St Martha’s Priory in Guildford, generously loaned to us by our very good friend Tracey. Helping out on the day was the lovely Leah on hair, Sarah, our fabulous photographer, Sarah (number 2) our very creative make up artist and Jenny our fabulous model! Thank you all for keeping me sane! If you are interested in making good use of any their skills for any of your projects they can be contacted on the following Sarah Payne (photography) Sarah (Make up by Sarah Cringle)  email: scringle1@btinternet.com Leah (hair stylist) email: leah_edwardsxx@hotmail.co.uk Tracey (for enquiries for St Martha’s as a location opportunity) email: appel4@yahoo.com   photoshoot