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The birth of a brand…..

January 27, 2017

I often get asked how Monks On Vacation got its name as it seems to grab attention before our garments have managed to get a look in! it was actually on a family holiday to Mykonos and we were out in Mykonos Town enjoying the fabulous simplicity of the Greek cuisine.We followed this with a few cocktails in a local bar watching the summer crowd wander past dressed in their beautiful Mykonos white uniform.They looked relaxed, glamorous and could equally have been at home on the beach as at one of the many upmarket restaurants or bars on this fabulous island.I don’t think I have ever seen such a synergy between the vacation wardrobe and where its being worn.The beauty and simplicity of design, abundance of white in every texture with a touch of a muted colour in a neutral grey or beige beautifully blended in amongst the natural environment surrounding us. myk3 myk 4 It was here that we looked at the drinks menu and a cocktail jumped out at us because of its name ‘Monks On Vacation’. My husband, always one to see a marketing tool commented on what a great name for a business. Looking out at the catwalk taking place infront of us it all made perfect sense. At that moment Monks On Vaction as a fashion brand was born. The ethos of the brand was also defined then too. Small collections comprising of a limited number of designs with small runs.The beauty would be in how these pieces would work together, to form not just a single outfit but multiple ones. A collection that could be packed in a carry on for a city break away, or to a longer more leisurely vacation on the beach. Garments which would work equally dressed up or down, glamorous or relaxed. Pieces that would take you though a 24/7 busy lifestyle, from the gym to a qwick shopping trip to a glass of wine with friends. Our collections would be versatile yet stylish with every occasion covered. martinique stripe low rushy pants low popper jacket alt low Our first collections comprised of staple wardrobe garments on which future collections will build on. Our signature designs focused on detail such as our Maxi Sweat with its oversized arm length and cuff width. maxi dress loungewear We are continually looking to develop our concept and have exciting details to release over the coming weeks. MOV has come a long way in the last 18 months and especially since that cocktail in Mykonos. We would love you all to stay tuned in and join the next stage of our fabulous journey with us.

The Beauty of the Pop Up

January 13, 2017

So MOV is 18 months old and the New Year is always a good time to take stock of all the amazing events which have happened over the year. With sales moving happily on our website we decided to venture into popups as an ideal way to introduce ourselves to new customers and to see how are garments work on real bodies as opposed to our inhouse models! The best part of being out there in the market place is to get real feedback too which is vital to emerging brands such as ourselves. We showcased our ranges in some fabulous local businesses who have been amazingly supportive to us in the whole process. It’s wonderful to see local independents working together to bring ideas to life giving us all a chance to move our brands forward onto the next step.IMG_5430 IMG_5897 IMG_5601 Looking for new channels for sales is a priority for any business. Website sales are often quite difficult to drive despite constant social media activity and I know we aren’t the first new business to say that!! Therefore we needed a new platform to introduce ourselves to a wider audience and Pop Ups became the welcome answer. Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to meet existing and new clients, the Pop Ups also give us a chance to see our collection being showcased as if in our own premises. Usually the garments are hanging on rails in my office available for immediate reference, but are also held behind protective plastic covers, keeping samples clean and pressed and away from potential damage. This is a necessary precaution not least by the continual (welcome!!) presence of my two gorgeous labradors who love to lie by my desk while I’m working! The most common problem for start ups like us is the lack of finances to rent good retail space, and so the compromise is to rent space in a working environment. This idea becomes even better when that space is mutually compatible in which the dynamic and footfall compliments both brands. We have been so lucky with Cafe Mila in Godalming, Bardoe & Appel in Guildford and &hobbs in Shere in which this was apparent. Therefore for us the PopUp has been vital in our development, not only as a natural sales progression, but also for our own identity. To see our garments up on the rails in a beautiful sales environment and to introduce ourselves to new customers who wouldn’t necessarily have even been driven to our website, has been massively satisfying and dare I say it, a huge sense of pride too in what we have achieved. So going forward into 2017 look out for us popping up in new venues and we already have dates booked in or diary. We’re always looking out for new spaces too, so if there’s anyone out there with any ideas, or any business owners who’d like to support us in this way please let us know as we’d love to collaborate with you. In the meantime we’ll keep you all posted on our events and our upcoming new collection and look forward to an exciting year ahead for MOV. If you do have any ideas of a great Pop Up location, or collaborative ideas, please get in touch with Anneli, a@monksonvacation.com, as we’d love to hear from you. horns header

MOV go live at Cafe Mila in Godalming !

September 26, 2016

horns header cafe mila logo

It’s an exciting time for MOV as we head into the autumn,after a fantastic summer, with a new direction. In the next few months, and in three venues, we’re taking our collection to our fantastic existing customers, and hopefully pick up a few more on the way!

We decided that we wanted to show off to as many people as we can, not just the designs in our collection, but also the gorgeous fabrics which have been sourced and knitted in the UK,and the manufacturing from our London factory too.

Because we are so proud of how our brand has evolved it was really important to be able to find like minded businesses to collaborate with and which would compliment each other too. We also wanted to pitch ourselves locally first and build on the wonderful clientele we already have. So we knew what we wanted but we now had to find the right locations. Fortunately my daughter Maisie was on the case and threw herself into Google, scouted her shortlist and came up with the fabulous Cafe Mila in Godalming.

Owners Steve and Jane Shorney own a relaxed independent lifestyle café in the heart of Godalming, incorporating a private yoga studio. They are a big supporter of local artists, creators and design in all forms, and regularly hold exhibitions.The cafe is a natural convening point for regular yoga members after class, as well as a great stop for young mothers, lunch dates with friends, or just somewhere to drop the shopping bags and enjoy a cup of tea and the choice from a wonderful array of cakes, baked from local produce.

cafe mila

So the following days will be spent organising social media,leaflets,a metre wide reclaimed wooden pallet (don’t ask!!) and logistics of setting up shop,within a shop! It’s all very very busy but so exciting to finally take MOV onto its next phase and we’ll keep you posted on where our journey takes us.

Our first Trunk show will be held at

Cafe Mila, 1, Angel Court, Godalming, GU71DT Weds 28th Sep/Thurs 29th Sep. 8.30am – 4.30 pm.

We really look forward to seeing you there.