How Slow Fashion is working my Garden Office Space

So it is mid July but finally feeling summer has arrived at last. We’re back to hosing down the newly planted shrubs and freshly sown grass seeds as soon as the sun goes down! The cushions have finally been relieved of their vacuum packed space in the loft and have been gently puffed up on the all weather seating outside; its all looking good for the next few days of British Summertime at least! This is my work space today as its far too lovely to stay indoors and at least I have shade to see my laptop but am multi-tasking as am also storing up on the vital Vitamin D which I will need to function in the winter months. I guess I am doing my body some good then by being out in the open today…well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!
garden pic
So the big question today was what to wear to feel cool and comfortable in my fabulous new office space. Mulling this over with my first coffee of the morning I refocused on what the drive was behind the creation of MOV. We wanted to design garments that had longevity, were transitional and very much part of the ‘slow fashion’ movement that is rapidly gathering pace today. We wanted our customers to really consider the items they were purchasing and to think where the garment was brought. We also wanted them to question how it was produced and at the same time be safe in the knowledge that their purchases were of the highest quality, but stylishly designed as beautiful timeless pieces. We also wanted to create garments which have multiple uses and can be worn transitionally and so that brings me on to what to wear to the ‘garden’ office today!
madeleane alt low martinique w low
Despite sitting in 30 degree heat (albeit in the shade) I’m wearing our incredibly versatile Madeleine skirt which I normally wear at its maximum length, as that’s my preferred look, and ideally with boots and a leather biker jacket. However even I can’t hide my legs away today so have folded the waistband over to shorten to a pencil skirt look but its so much cooler for the temperature out there. As for my top I’ve gone for the Martinique racer back in white. This piece has a gorgeous cowl neckline and can easily be worn for added glamour to my Pilates class all year round, as well as looking great as a comfortable daytime piece on summer days such as today. Therefore two stylish pieces which can be worn all year round giving superb value for your purchase and giving a meaning to what we wear and how we wear it too. Now just how long is it till Pimms o’clock ??