Monks On Vacation…In Hong Kong

So today I’m flying back to Hong Kong for the weekend, a place I lived and loved for ten years. I’ve many friends still there and can’t wait to catch up with them all as well as other friends joining us from the UK and NY…it’s going to be a manic few days!

Restaurants and bars I knew like the back of my hand have probably long since gone in the two years since I’ve left, such is the turnover in THE place to be seen. However some things won’t change such as the Peak where I spent hours dog walking my two labs with friends with the obligatory coffee at Starbucks at the top!

For those of us wanting to push ourselves slightly further we had the long winding hill up from Old Peak Rd, which was where we lived for the entire time there. Then there’s the amazing Happy Foot, just about the best experience ever! An hour (or longer) of relaxation where your feet are pampered and massaged while you sit and read, sleep or enjoy a glass of wine with friends (I know which I’ll be doing!).

So on to packing for a short jam packed weekend away. First in the suitcase is the White Rib skirt, perfect with heels and a black top for our evening out on Saturday.

rib skirt

 Also packed is the fabulously versatile Madeleine skirt which I’ll match with the long sleeved Brittany and pumps for daytime. For the Peak walks? Well, the two slouch tops in orange and white will be perfect worn over the white Martinique Vest Top.

shoot standing 2


It’s a long 12 hour flight into Asia and that’s where MOV cannot be beaten on style with a massive comfort function! I’ll team the Rushy black pants with the white slouch (I’m packing three of those as they come in for anything!) and to keep me warm at 35 thousand feet I’ll add the Walberswick Sweat in a brand new charcoal colour.  So I guess I’m all set for a great weekend away with the best of friends in the most exciting vibrant place in the world..7 hours till take off !

luxury jumper