When a colour tells a story

‘Wow, Wow, Wow’ were the first thoughts that entered my head as the colour bomb of outfits hit the podium during the inauguration of President Joseph  Biden. The vibrancy and intensity of the colour hues were poignant in their message that these powerful  women were wanting to convey to the world; a message of positivity, hope and the excitement of new beginnings.

But these colour choices are also signifiers to deeper meanings and an insight to the characteristics of who these women are and what defines them. Kamala Harris and Hilary Clinton both wore purple which have historic connections as the official colour of  the American suffragette movement. In addition it was a recognition of the role played by Shirley Chisolm as she tried to enter the male dominated world of American politics. She was a democratic politician, and the first  black woman to be elected into congress where she served 1969-1983. In 1972 she announced herself as a candidate for the democratic presidential election, at which she wore a purple dress, again in recognition of the suffragette movement. She lost the nomination but 50 years later her legacy significantly  continues on. Jennifer Lopez also  looked stunning  in her beautiful all white Channel outfit, which was the other official colour associated with the suffragette movement.

Lady Gaga was given the prestigious responsibility of singing the national anthem and wore a striking dress from the Texas designer Daniel Roseberry. Clad in a form fitting navy blue cashmere jacket with gilded dove of peace broach, and vibrant washed red silk skirt, the stunning ensemble screamed patriotism as loudly as her beautiful rendition of the The Star-Spangled Banner. Her choice of colours was to identify the American values and optimism for her country as she explained on Instagram on the day before the Inauguration: ”I pray tomorrow will be a day of peace for all Americans. A day for love, not hatred. A day for acceptance not fear. A day for dreaming of our future joy as a country. A dream that is non-violent, a dream that provides safety for our souls. Love, from the Capitol.” 

Finally, and arguably one of the main stars on stage during the afternoon,  was the Youth Poet Laureat Amanda Gormon, who radiated energy, confidence  and optimism in her vibrant bright yellow coat. She chose  Miuccia Prada to design it as she respected her as a  long term defender of feminism. Yellow has represented wisdom and intellect throughout the ages, as well as exhibiting happiness and clarity, so it was a perfect choice for this very energetic and articulate young Poet to wear. In addition it was  a respectful nod to Dr Jill Biden who had been instrumental to her presence on stage that afternoon. She had been so taken with Amanda’s  performance in a video she had seen  that she  suggested that she should write a poem for her husband’s Inauguration. For the performance  in  which she  had made  such an impression on  Dr Biden, Amanda had  worn yellow. 

So, an explosion of colourful signifiers  lit up the stage as America saw its 46th President sworn in. Fashion has always been a window to how we think and feel. The colour  choices made  by all of  these strong pioneering women signalled significant  historical references alongside a greater  hope for a better world to come. We can only speculate to what  Melania Trump was thinking and feeling  as she boarded the steps of the private jet dressed  in her sombre black Chanel suit.